Send message when there is a new MAC adress in network

Hey everyone,

I'm a new user of LEDE and what i'm trying to do is make a captive portal for my network and when the user is granted access to my network, I should store his information used in the captive portal along with his MAC address in a database or send the information to a server or anything like that. I don't have any idea in how to do it. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

That looks like the job of the captive portal; there are some of them available, see which of them meets your needs.

NAC portals usually get the MAC address information from one of a few sources:

  1. if the portal is in the same L2 broadcast domain as the client, from the arp table on the web host.
  2. By SNMP-polling routers
  3. From a RADIUS accounting session packet on a NAS that can figure out the IP of a client.
  4. From DHCP server syslog messages or by sniffing DHCP traffic

Take your pick. 1) is very simple if it matches your setup.

PHP + MySQL but you will need a good router with alot of memory. Compile your own version with these things and GO.

Do you guys know if it`s possible to make a string with the informations I need( like "65:54:12:45:78:98/Jose/") and send to a server by MQTT?

Not knowing what you are using for portal scripting, all I have to offer is that mosquitto is available as a package.

I don't get what you're saying, sorry. I don't have a setup.I never did a captive portal before. I just need to prove a concept to a client, so I just need to connect a MAC address to a email, so I thought in do that by a captive portal in my client's network. So, I just want to the basic captive portal just to prove my idea.