Send AT command while using ModemManager

I've a 5G PCI MHI modem inside openWRT and I have to use ModemManager.
I would like to use AT command to gather information, in particular I would like to have a LUCI webpage showing LTE info value and temperature.
The problem is that I am not able to send AT command with neither socat, picocom, sms_tool while using. If I disable modemmanager service, I can send AT command to the modem, but I can't connect to internet.
The only way to send AT command is by enabling --debug mode in ModemManager, but there are two issue:

  1. I can only send them with mmcli --command=""
  2. The log is full of message from ModemManager running in debug mode.

Is there a way to send AT command to the modem without having the system log full of debugging message? Or is there a way to use another tool to send AT command while connected with ModemManager'

you could send the logs to a separate file (but beware of its exponential growth)

you will need to edit the /etc/init.d/modemmanager file


alternatively, does the 5g module have the possibility of supporting other connection modes (MBIM, NCM, ECM, RNDIS)?

I know that, but is there a way to disable debug LOG, while been able to use the AT command with mmcli?

I don't think so, because is one of the few module running in PCI MHI mode. All the people I have found online who have this modem are using it with modemmanager.

as far as I know it is not possible to send an AT command while having an instance of modemmanager running unless in DEBUG mode

I'm sorry to bring you only bad news