[semi-tested] OpenWrt master build for OrangePi Zero2

the code may not really "master" cause i am using 5.10 kernel(which sunxi platform had moved to 5.15 kernel)and mac80211 subsystem from 22.03 stable branch.
But it works,so why so serious :slight_smile:
the work is based on the vlw's and samuk's code(they added support for this device on 22.03 code)
samuk added the support for this device.
vlw found the proper usb/ethernet driver for this device.
and i tried to add WLAN support on it.It works,but some function not work(e.g. VHT80,5Ghz channel beyond 44,....).
the build is semi-tested because i only tried the image which generated by my local build system,not the github actions.
anyway i need more test to make it better(if possible).
you can download the build here:

Online build system have some problem on configure the wireless interface
this image is built locally and tested but need turn on the wireless manually