[semi-tested] OpenWrt master build for OrangePi Zero2

Tried to build with 6.1 kernel and latest master branch,so now we have 6.1 Kernel Version.

5.10 Kernel

the code may not really "master" cause i am using 5.10 kernel(which sunxi platform had moved to 5.15 kernel)and mac80211 subsystem from 22.03 stable branch.
But it works,so why so serious :slight_smile:
the work is based on the vlw's and samuk's code(they added support for this device on 22.03 code)
samuk added the support for this device.
vlw found the proper usb/ethernet driver for this device.
and i tried to add WLAN support on it.It works,but some function not work(e.g. VHT80,5Ghz channel beyond 44,....).
the build is semi-tested because i only tried the image which generated by my local build system,not the github actions.
anyway i need more test to make it better(if possible).

Online build system have some problem on configure the wireless interface
this image is built locally and tested but need turn on the wireless manually

6.1 Kernel

The patches are from armbian project
i had made some small tweaks on armbian patches.
you can download and compile manually
or just download the pre-built image:

for the 5.10 kernel pre-built images require a manual configuration to enable the wireless function.
the wireless may not support 2g mode,VHT mode(802.11ac),remember to change those settings or you may encounter some weird bugs.
for the 6.1 kernel pre-built images,2g and VHT80 are tested locally,they works.they are configured to
automatically bring up the wifi.the default wireless settings have no encryption,
do remember to change password and change wireless settings ASAP.

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Hi there, the firmware worked for me, but how can i enable the wireless?

Great stuff. I didn't manage to get 2G wifi working but did get eth0 talking to the net. Hope you're still working on this. Thanks so much for your labor!

Hi, im just a newbie on openwrt/compile stuff.
Just tried the prebuild images, no wifi device is detected :frowning:
I see no openvpn/wireward support (kernel conflict).