Semi-mesh configuration through WLAN


I'm trying to achieve something like static mesh-like configuration. I figured out that instead of loosing bandwidth for 802.11s/B.A.T.M.A.N, since my routers have fixed position, I can just set up a Wifi Access Point named "Carrier" and connect other routers to that Access Point and then use VLANs to communicate through that connection.

Only success I could get was getting something like this:

| MAIN ROUTER |                                          | ACCESS POINT |
LAN1 (                                        LAN1 (
LAN2 (                                        LAN2 (
WLAN_CARRIER -------------------------------------------- WLAN_CARRIER

I disabled firewall and dnsmasq on Access Point (but not DHCP because I'm using one port for LAN and dynamic allocation of addresses). So my LAN1/LAN2 got their IP from Main Router's DHCP. That looked good. Then I created WLAN1 for LAN1 and tried to connect to it. Sadly, my computer can't get IP address from the Main Router. I feel that I'm stuck. Tried some DHCP relay options and other stuff but it seems I can't get it working. Maybe I have some misconception about this one or just need some routing configuration?

Any advices or directions are welcome. :slight_smile: