Semi-Bricked Tp-WDR4300 with u-boot mod

Hi there. Sorry for my bad english.

I had a WDR4300 with openwrt 18.06.2. I decided to overclock them using the pepe2k mod method. I flashed the Openwrt 14, keep the modded u-boot inside the openwrt folder, changed the bits to set the cpu clock and flashed it with u-boot-upgrade.
After that i rebooted the router.
Now i have a switch. No wifi, no serial, no Luci, no ssh. It simply behaves like a switch. Take internet from the ethernet cable from the modem and redirect to other ethernet.
Led working, internet working but no chance to access it.

Do you have a solution?

Really tanks in advace.

Your symptoms sound like the SoC isn't able to run at the rates you have configured, or the configuration was not correct.

Hope that you can connect with serial, get a U-Boot prompt and install a proper boot loader without overclock. Best would be your backup of the original and its settings.

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Ask @pepe2k.

What do you mean by changed the bits to set the cpu clock? Anyway, assuming you flashed correct U-Boot image, power down the router, press and keep pressed the reset button, then power on. It should start with default/safe clocks (400/400/200 MHz). If not, use JTAG or reprogram flash memory with external programmer.

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Thanks for the replay.

According to this i changed the bits with this

CPU/DDR/AHB: 720/480/240 (CPU_FACTOR=144 DDR_FACTOR=96)

Unfortunately keeping pressed reset button does nothing, so i probably need an JTAG programmer...

This is wrong.


Unfortunately it is reported here too (post #4), so I assumed it's correct.

Ok. thanks for all, even for your work with u-boot.
If you have some documentation on how to debrick this (or similar) router with JTAG it will be greatly appreciated.

This post is from 2015 and AFAIK it's about modifying original U-Boot image, not my modification.

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