Semi-Bricked Linksys E2500 V3

Hello, sorry I'm new here and I'm very confused.

I was looking forward to using SQM via OpenWRT. I have a Linksys E2500 V3.

I download this firmware ( from

I went to and I flashed it. I was connected to my device via WiFi only (I'm dumb).

The E2500 still works right now as a network switch. My home network is as follows
ISP Modem/Router -LAN 1 to LAN 1> E2500 V3 (the bricked one) -LAN 2 to LAN 1> E2500 V1 -> My computer.

The E2500 V3 gives off no WiFi and cannot be accessed via web ui. What do I do, I just want to revert it back to original firmware.

That should be no surprise:

Yes that part I understand, what I don't understand is why I can't access via ethernet. :frowning:

Update: The semi-bricked E2500 V3 was wonking out a bit. For now I've just removed it from the chain.

Did you ever get this sorted @carlos1172 ? I only ask as I have the same scenario :frowning: