Selecting Openwrt Version when creating a new platform

Hi All,

I am doing a complete migration of an SDK from linux to openwrt.
I had some basic doubts on selecting the best version of openwrt to port my linux SDK.
The linux SDK uses the following:

  1. GCC 5.3.0
  2. GLIBC 2.23
  3. KERNEL 4.14

Do I go with openwrt 18.06(gcc 7.x) as it is the latest available stable version or with openwrt 17.06(gcc5.x) which has gcc version compatible with the base linux SDK.

If I downgrade the gcc version of 18.06 to 5.x , I am facing compilation issues.

Which is the best way to select the openwrt version to choose and what is the basis on which
it is done?
Should the gcc version be same for both base and openwrt SDK? Will I face compilation issue for various drivers if I port to a latest version of gcc?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Development only happens in master (git HEAD), that matters for upstream submissions and good external efforts.

How do we check the current version of Master?

git clone
cd openwrt
git checkout master

Thanks Jeff. Also my driver compiler version is 5.x while the master gcc version selected is 7.x, do I downgrade the verson to 5.x in make menuconfig or continue compilation in 7.x version?