Select kernel version in Image Builder


I have download and install the Image builder tool in ubuntu as per instructions. Is it possible to select the kernel version before execute make command?

Also, How I can add the kernel patch for mptcp so it can be compile during the image build process?

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imagbuilder simply "combines" pre-compiled elements ( ipks )... you will need to use the buildroot system to change the way any software is compiled.

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is this a different tool? I followed this guide

I understand that you can select the packages, specify the hardware platform etc, but I couldn't find any information regarding details step by step guide how to select a specific kernel.

I am familiar with Linux but not with these kind of processes.

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Image Builder is not an option for what you want to achieve, compile OpenWrt

yes that is the buildroot not the image builder... kernel selection (when available) is in;
make menuconfig > global or maybe advanced > use testing kernel

search the forum or online for how to download and apply a git patch.

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ok so I am in the right path. I didn't knew that those are different things and wrongly referred to Image builder. Now I know. what do you mean by "when available"? Should I do something to enable it?

what device?/kernel?... and where did you get the idea / instructions to add mptcp

OK I will be more precise. I want to test a use case with multipath tcp.

I found that you have to patch the kernel with the MPTCP patch so you can use it.

Since MPTCP 0.95 is based on kernel 4.19 long term I need an image with 4.19. I cannot find an Openwrt release which uses this version. Even if I download the latest stable release for my system (19.07.03) is using kernel 4.14.180, pretty old. Snapshots however they are using kernel 5.x.x.

So this is how the idea born. Create a firmware, with all packages I need for my project, my own custom scripts and patch with MPTCP.

This might be a totally wrong idea but what I want to achieve just described above. I don't know the way to do it, nor be familiar with openwrt good enough so not to make stupid or rookie questions.

Were you able to figure out how to do this?

basically... for most humans... the only feasable path is using a buildroot with available kernel versions ( and 3rd party patches if need be and available )...

it's not usually feasable to switch out kernels with a buildroot... and can't be done with the imagebuilder...

( third party projects may offer 'build-environments'/bases which are 4.19 based which is an option, as are alternative os's )

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