Select different dns on WireGuard

I need some advice

I set up the dns with stubby.

I don't know if what I did is correct, but everything works fine.

I have a main line and a host with WireGuard with a vpn configured.

Now all DNS traffic is hijacked by stubby on nextdns DNS that I set by default.

I would like WireGuard to bypass DNS rules and use the dns servers set in its configuration.

Can anyone help me?


It sounds like your VPN config is not related to OpenWrt.

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I don’t know.
I’m not an expert.
Now I configure manually the dns on my devices because I have problems with streaming services with other dns.
But I’m testing 3 different vpn, so it’s not so good to change every time manually the dns on the device.

You can advertise custom DNS with DHCP to a specific tagged client:
Client classifying and individual options

If you decide to run the VPN client on the router:

  • Set up PBR for split tinneling.
  • Exclude the LAN client from the hijacking rule.
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Ok, thank you.
I'll try to do it.

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