Segmented SSID's

Ok, I want 3 SSID's, which I've already set up. The trick I want is for devices connected to them to be separated from each other.

  • SSID 1 - Open, has no Security, who cares, it's basically a guest network. Devices can talk to each other on here, but they can not talk to devices on the other SSID's. Also, I have SQM installed and configured, If possible I would like to configure this with a different SQM configuration so that they can't eat the bandwidth.
  • SSID 2 - Isolated, for IOT Devices, and things like my work laptop. They can't talk to each other, or devices on the other networks (is checking the isolated box enough?)
  • SSID 3 - Home LAN, allows access to things like other computers, and the IP Printer.

I found this but I'm not sure if it does what I'm asking. What do I need to do?

Did you create the networks/interfaces/firewall zones to attach the SSIDs to?

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Set up different subnets...

SSID 1 =

SSID 2 =

SSID 3 =

Then, select "Isolate Clients" to keep devices from talking to each other on the same subnet.

This is a decent tutorial on how to set up "guest networks"...

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No, I'm not entirely sure which interfaces I need to create and how they would relate to each other. I started creating an openlan, And I attached it to br-lan but I wasn't sure if that was right, I was going to help me accomplish what I wanted to.

Right, but on two of the networks I want to allow them to talk to each other. I could just not check that. I have to be honest I haven't dealt with this much networking in 10-15 years. I don't think the subnet actually prevents them from communicating across subnets, I might actually be completely wrong there, I'm kind of 50/50 on my certainty.

Using different subnets is just the framework. You need to configure the interfaces, the wireless, and the firewall rules.

Watch the video.