Segfault issue with mconf on macOS

Hi, I have a strange issue with mconf on MacOS 10.13. I followed the MacOS Buildroot guide to set up my environment. I used MacPorts to install the libraries.

If I check out the master branch make menuconfig works without issue. If I git checkout v19.07.3 make menuconfig will show me the initial screen but as soon as I hit the enter key to enter a subsection of the configuration mconf will segfault and die with not much useful information.

/bin/sh: line 1: 46937 Segmentation fault: 11 scripts/config/mconf
Subtarget (Generic) ---> make: *** [/Volumes/OpenWrt/openwrt/include/ menuconfig] Error 139
Target Profile (Default Profile (all drivers)) --->

Has anyone got any suggestions for me? (Unfortunately for now I am stuck with MacOS 10.13 - so no I cannot swap to Linux ;)).

Building on MacOS is not 100% consistent and there were issues several time I tried. If you want a bullet proof process, use a VM or a Docker container.

Thanks @fantom-x. I have already put in a lot of time in researching and tweaking my build env but it is still a no go. I will try a few more things and then I will take your advice, throw away my case sensitive disk image ( :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:) and put up a VM.