Seeking suggestions for german LuCI translation


I am in the process of reworking the German translation for LuCI and I am seeking some idea on how to best translate certain concepts / configuration entities in a clear and consistent manner.

Primarily I currently struggle to find clear and concise German descriptions for the following things:

  • logical network interface (as in "config interface" in uci)
  • wireless network interface (as in "config wifi-iface" in uci)
  • physical network interface / Linux netdev (as in "config device" in uci or preexisting eth0, eth1 etc.)
  • physical radio device / MAC80211 phy (as in "config wifi-device" in uci or preexisting phy0, phy1)

The table below illustrates different variants I tried but I am not sure which is the best one or if any of them is suitable at all. The table should be read column wise, that is all entries from one variant column comprise all the terms that would be used for the four different entities throughout the translation.

what german variant 1 german variant 2 german variant 3
logical network interface ("interface", e.g. lan, wan) Netzwerk Schnittstelle, Netzwerkschnittstelle Schnittstelle, Netzwerk
physical network interface ("device", e.g. eth0, br-lan) Netzwerkschnittstelle Adapter, Netzwerkadapter Gerät, Netzwerkgerät
wireless network interface ("wifi-iface", e.g. wlan0 but typically unnamed) Drahtlosnetzwerk Netzwerk, WLAN-Netzwerk WLAN-Netzwerk
physical radio device ("wifi-device", e.g. radio0, radio1) Radio Adapter, WLAN-Adapter WLAN-Gerät, WLAN-Radio

Do you know how this is handled in other firmwares, appliances, operating systems (if at all)?

I think Microsoft Windows usually uses the term "Netzwerkadapter" or "Adapter" to refer to what is the equivalent to Linux netdevs (eth0, eth1, etc.) but I do not know if it has any concept of abstract logical interfaces (what typically is "lan", "wan" in OpenWrt).

I think variant 2 is the most intuitive

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Ich denke dass Variant zwei ist die beste, besonders die "WLAN-" alternativen.

Vielleicht WLAN-Adapter (oder WLAN-Radio), WLAN-Netzwerk, usw.

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