Seeking some clarification on sysupgrade

I'm finally getting around to figuring out how to upgrade OpenWrt, and I am looking for some clarification.

This device is a Buffalo WZR-600DHP and I would be going from 19.07.4 to 19.07.7.

I'm having difficulty recalling if I installed any packages and what those packages might have been.

The Upgrading OpenWrt firmware using LuCI and CLI article states to setup Opkg extras and Hotplug extras. However, those articles state that to make use of the automated option, install libustream-mbedtls, but this is already installed and I'm pretty sure I didn't know to install it, so didn't install it.

The article also states to save the configuration and then reinstall after upgrading using opkg save and opkg restore.

However, I'm not clear whether I can use the LuCl Backup and Restore options to accomplish the same thing, or if there is any option that can be completely in the LuCl interface without using CLI.

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Some people may not have it installed, so it is mentioned explicitly.

You need to manually run opkg save before upgrading.
It should automatically perform opkg restore after the upgrade.

You are supposed to run opkg save before LuCI backup at least once.
This way Opkg extras and the current Opkg profile should be included in the backup.


Okay, so with the keep settings box not checked, the opkg restore is performed, regardless?

No, unless you restore the old backup with LuCI or Sysupgrade.
Assuming the backup was made after running opkg save.

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