Seeking Info on Reliability of USB wired NICs

How many of you use a USB NIC in your router? Do you have problems of any kind, disconnects, etc? What specific device are you using? What are the symptoms? How often do they occur?

Thanks for any data you can provide.

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Stick used in a linux client scenario also usefull? Do you know if/how much there is shared code between client/AP usage?

Not Usefull ;- )

Stick acting as client or as AP is surely different but hopefully my writing is helpfull somehow, at least it's an USB stick ;- )

I am using a Zyxel NWD6605 (Realtek 8812au) on an old laptop because it is on sale on ebay for about 15€+PP and has internal&external antennas.

I am using the driver from Christian Bremvåg. Big thank you by the way!

He offers several branches, I have tried stable 5.3.4 and I have to use stable branch because otherwise network manager app gives me passphrase errors.

Stable on the other hand often/(always?) pause for a sec or so, at least in my setup. IIRC also mentioned by other users

Ah i was actually thinking of wired NICs but thanks!

Plugable USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter (ASIX AX88179 chipset) has been pretty reliable for me under macOS, Debian/Ubuntu, and FreeBSD, both as a communications adapter and very often as a monitor port.

USB-C Realtek under macOS has had problems with not recognizing when devices are plugged in. I can't comment on other OSes.

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So, by accident I got a plugable USB3-HUB3ME gigabit ethernet adapter (usb3 combined gigabit ethernet adapter (realtek 8153) and 3 port usb3-hub). Looking at amazon it seems that there are several similar looking devices available, so I am not sure who actually builds these things and plugable's might not be better than the competitions (I opted for the plugable one as they at least have some name reputation and I have decent experience with some of their devices).
Anyway, I intend to put this through some longer term testing to see how it performs and how hot it gets, and will report back one way or another in the future.
@dlakelan that obviously is an initial step onto the RP4B as a router slippery slope... :wink:

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