Seeking Help: rc3-RaspPi4b USB LTE uplink

Hello. I know RC3 is .. an RC. regardless, I'm going to repeat the procedure when stable is released.

My use case is unique in that:

I mainly want to use the Raspberry Pi 4b USB port to uplink to my 4g LTE Franklin T9 mobile hotspot (which I operate strictly in USB Ethernet mode only) - basically using the Franklin device as a modem.

From there, I want to use the Raspberry Pi's Ethernet port to connect to the WAN on an actual wireless router, where I'd like the wireless AP and Ethernet DHCP delegation to occur. But my post isn't really about this latter portion (I'm pretty sure it just needs to be set up as a "dumb AP," I'm more confident in the setup of this portion)

The specific aspects I am curious about are getting a raspverry pi USB port to act as the LTE uplink and getting the Ethernet to be able to serve other devices through another router's WAN-in (from which I will connect wirelessly and hard-wired).

My Raspberry Pi 4b is already running RC3 and I've secured it with public key authentication already.

In the past, I have set up a Netgear R6120 (which I want to use for just wireless AP and Ethernet switch after this..) working with the Franklin T9 on USB and able to serve DHCP to Ethernet devices and wireless (but sadly only through ipv4, I really don't even know how I get ipv4 working so this is certainly already a multifaceted challenge). All my attempts so far to get ipv6 working with the current Netgear R6120 \uplinked to franklin device are unsuccessful unless I strictly connect the franklin to a computer, in which case an openbsd installer has proven to be able to use both ipv4 and 6. Long term goals require me to get ipv6 working as my LTE provider (t mobile) does 4to6 and only the legitimate ipv6 leases on their network will allow incoming connections.

My apologies for the extremely broad scope of this and potentially erroneous terminology. I want this kind of topology:

Franklin T9 in USB mode as LTE modem->Raspberry Pi 4b USB port (as router)->Raspberry pi Ethernet out into ... (Whatever, either single device or WAN port on another router acting as AP for WiFi and Ethernet devices)

Any pointers are appreciated. Fwiw I have read the LTE uplink article but I still feel I'm missing something.