Seeed ReRouter CM4 - Has 32GB of storage but OpenWRT is not using it

Hello! I just ran-out of place on my CM4... It came with 32GB of EMMC storage.
The system only seems to be using a small part of the available storage... As shown here:


Why does it happen, and how can I make OpenWRT use the available storage fully?

  1. Because the image is written for such a root directory.
  2. Look in the forum for partition expanding.

... or add another partition for extroot..


Check forum/ wiki for this behaviour on x86 or virtual machines, the options are the same for the RPi4 CM.

That's better than my solution of just making it /mnt/extusb

OP: If you create a third partition on a Pi device (the first two are boot and rootfs) using the free space, it will survive sysupgrades.