See statistics from Luci without login


I use the "Netlink Bandwidth Monitor" to generate traffic statistics. "luci-app-nlbwmon" over the pakage manager installed.

Now I can see the statustics under the URL "". But I always have to log in as root on the router. How can I just view the page without logging in? So everyone on the network should be able to see it.


Anyone knows a way?

cough Noone knows a way?

I don't know a way without login, but you can call the given URL with get parameters to login "automatically", e.g.

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Thanks for the answer... Not the best way, but it works. :smiley:

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It is no clean solution, just a workaround. :slight_smile:

  1. run master
  2. install luci-app-acl
  3. add a local user and password
  4. add them to rpcd config file
  5. setup access permissions in luci

they will still have to login...

but they should have only access to what you permit (nlbwmon/luci-app-statistics) (and what is currently working with luci-app-acl which is in beta)

UUUUhhhhh.... The console thing is going to be complicated. I'll make a backup and give it a try. Thanks a lot in advance! :smiley:

Edit: "run master" means using an official release, no community build?