See default configuration on router

I have issues on a Netgear R7800 since I upgraded it to OpenWrt 21.02.3.

I am a bit lost as to what the issue is. I would like to check what the default configuration is, but without flashing the firmware fully.

Is it possible to do so? For example, I'd like to know what the recommended/default /etc/config/wireless configuration looks like.


Check in /overlay/upper/etc/config/

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cd /etc/config
mv wireless wireless.BAK
wifi config

it gets generated


Can I have the full URL please?

It is not a URL, it is a directory path.

Ah great, that works well. Thanks.

ah right. On what file system?

Just do a cd /overlay/upper/etc/config/


Oh right. I am with you now. I was wondering if that was a path to a git repo or to the firmware image. But it's simply on the router.


Hmm, actually the configuration on this directory contains some specific stuff I used. So it's not the default configuration at install.

My wrong, /rom/etc/config/

Thanks for that. But there's no wireless file in this dir.

In summary:
/overlay/upper : alias for files that have been changed
/rom : alias for files that are in the default ROM.

The overlay file system uses the file in /overlay/upper if it exists. Otherwise the regular filesystem uses files from /rom. Erasing a file places a special null mark in /overlay/upper, which causes the file to no longer appear in the regular filesystem-- though the ROM copy continues to take up space in the squashfs ROM, and it can be found under /rom and restored with a simple copy back to the regular filesystem if desired. There's little reason to poke around in /overlay.

But as @anomeome said, there is no /rom/etc/config/wireless. It is built from a script, usually only once when the router is booted the first time after installing OpenWrt. If /etc/config/wireless exists, (as would be the case after the first boot), the script does not change it. So you would move your config to a backup file then run the script to get a new default file.


That all makes sense, Thank you.

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