See all connected devices in Luci

Hi everybody, is there a feature to see in Luci all connected/attached devices? Can't find it, maybe it must be activated somehow?

In the status page I see just a list of active dhcp leases, one of dhcpv6 leases and another of wireless associated stations. Can't see those devices connected with static IP.


If you add static leases for all static devices in Luci->Network->DHCP&DNS under Static Leases then you will see them under active dhcp leases.

A messy workaround is to use Luci->Status->Realtime Graphs->Connections (only shows active connections)

If you're trying to discover all devices on your network use something like Nmap/Zenmap on your PC

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There's no reliable way to see them other than using DHCP-only clients.
Of course you can assign IP-address by MAC-address as mentioned above.

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Well, having many vlan I should use nmap from openwrt cli and scan any interface and then the report is not in the web UI. It's strange there is not a feature to check connected devices, almost every cheap router does have it.

Anyway, maybe I'll look for something to customize Luci by myself.

You can look into the ARP and IPv6 Neighbour tables in Status -> Routes, this is the closest you can get from passive ethernet clients.


There is no way to reliably determine if an Ethernet-attached device is present, or to query to find all devices on any system. There is no "association" the way that there is with many wireless protocols. There are ways that one can get a good idea of what's attached, but arp tables, IPv6 neighbor tables, L3 or L2 "pings", and the like are only indications.

This has always been a challenge for network administrators. Hence the reason tools like nmap exist. Even nmap won't reveal a non-cooperative host.


This is definitely a relevant thread:

arp-scan - l will do a quick scan of your LAN subnet. Sometimes you'll have to run it a couple of times to get all of the replies.

You can also use swconfig dev switch show and the first part of the results will be the ARP table including which port each device is found on.

Unfortunately Luci doesn't have a nice front end for this information.

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