Security wireless OpenWrt - WPA3 evil twin

Hello, will a well-configured OpenWrt software protect me from attacks on the evil twin wireless network? A fake network with a stronger signal intercepts my network. This network is in the same house as the real one. Do you have to buy a device with WIPS function that detects this type of attack? Maybe a hardware firewall well configured? Will WPA3 prevent this type of attack or at least all stolen data will be encrypted? The only salvation is cable internet?
Apart from the real network, there are two in the building, one is fully open without security and the other is secured, and these aren't any neighbors' networks, they come from my building. Both networks work together to fake attacks and eavesdropping.
I would like to add that I have WPA2-personal-AES security set, and with WPA2-TKIP it was easier for him to read the data.
I know who is doing it, because this device is in my home and gives a stronger signal and forces my internet to connect to the fake one. Normally I have a connection via the ssid of my internet but in the air it is like eavesdropping through this fake access point. I want to write more or less how it works. IMPORTANT: Such an attack is possible even if I unplug the cable from the router and plug directly from the poe / lan connector to the network card via ethernet (so it also eavesdrops between the antenna on the roof and the isp transmitter) and checked on a clean system. Please help :cry:

i don't get that. if you are sure that you know him, just call the police, or break his......

do he know your wifi password? or he is trying to steal your wifi pass?

i don't think he is doing that

Changing passwords, ssid doesn't help, I've done it many times. My ISP only uses Mac address filtering protection and I don't know if that's a problem. I think that even if it had encryption, it could also eavesdrop, since it is listening on a router with wpa2 enabled? I checked by connecting without a router directly from the poe / lan connector via ethernet and it does not help, so I'm sure it also works on the radio antenna.

You should ask a computer / network savvy friend or hire a local dealer e.g. Mr. Robot to check your local setup / situation.

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Are you suggesting that this problem can be solved from within my system?