Security alert when trying to access

Device: iPad Air
iOs version: 10.3.3
Browser: Safari
Error: Certificate not trusted/Expired
Screenshots (It's an album, click so you can see all three of them):

EDIT: Tested again using Brave Browser with HTTPS everywhere enabled:


But this is, not You need to report this to OpenWrt.

Oh Im an idiot, since I searched "best lede build linksys 3200" I assumed it was a lede forum post and didnt double check, my bad. Feel free to delete this post, I will post it on openwrt.

EDIT: Done.

Well, this starts to be an annual event. I think that this is maybe fourth or fifth time in a row when the cert has expired in July before renewal :frowning:

And as the Openwrt forum uses HSTS (why?), the site is now inaccessible with Chrome and Firefox that do not allow setting exceptions for HSTS sites.

Hopefully there is still some admin left at to renew the cert.

OpenWRT SSL certificate expired and was not renewed,
This is why access was impossible.