Securing external access to home via VPN router

I have recently setup a VPN router (raspberry pi running openwrt) that sits between my modem and router. I have a server that is attached to my regular router that I would like to access from outside. I understand that I could probably accomplish this by setting up some port forwarding. However, I believe it may also be possible to provide the secured access to this server by way of the vpn router I have running.

Am I on the right track here - can I leverage the vpn router running on the pi to provide secured incoming access? If so, where might I find some instruction on how to set that up?

Thanks for the articles. I realize VPN is not a protocol but a security setup. And, I do have the VPN running on my pi router (running within OpenWRT). I did see a comment somewhere (without much detail) that one can provide secure external access to an internal server through the VPN and that this provides superior security to just using port forwarding. Is this accurate - and how/where do you go about setting it up in the best way?

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Yes, assuming you have a public IP.


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