Secure shared wifi open access

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Does current LEDE functionality allow for setting up a secure portion of a router’s bandwidth for open wifi sharing?, ideally, in realtime self limited to the currently unused portion of a user’s internet connection.

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1.) It depends on what you define as secure.

You could just create a new guest wlan and control the traffic usage over SQM (based on interface and/or wireless traffic).

For security this does not much beside isolating the guest wlan from the other (w)lan interfaces. For most people this is what they want to achive.

Further options are routing the guest through a VPN connection to the internet or through TOR for security reason. E. g. if you have people on your w(lan) using filesharing or other "bad" things.

2.) Capabilities and Usage of your router and bandwidth are important too to make SQM useful. I will give only some headwords:

  • cpu power and ram of your router
  • amount of antennas your router have
  • possible (MU)-MIMO is an useful option when it comes to serve serveral devices at the same time
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