Secondary Wi-Fi Access Point Network Throttling


I'm trying to limit the network speed specifically on an additional created Wi-Fi network.
I've seen several guides about limiting specific connected clients but I haven't found a guide that shows how to limit the speed of an entire Wi-Fi network itself.

I assume this is easily possible but I haven't yet figured out how to implement such types of rules onto a specific Wi-Fi network.

Basically, I've created multiple Wi-Fi networks within my Open-Wrt v19.07.7 network and I would like to have one of those Wi-Fi networks to not exceed a download speed of, lets say 6mbps (750kbytes/s) while also not exceeding an upload speed of 1mbps (64kbytes/s).

Would anyone be able to help me out or guide me towards the right direction with what type of implementation I would require to have for being able to set this up?

Am I correct in assuming that SQM (Smart Queue Management) is built in a manner that will only limit the download/upload speed of a specific selected access point only at a time of when other access points' connected devices are trying to have access to the network's entire internet provided bandwidth?

lets say I put a download limit of 3072kbits (384mbytes) on AP#1... will this limit only apply when devices on AP#2 are trying to have full internet bandwidth?

I'm asking because I tried the above scenario but the limit didn't seem to have any effect when running a speedtest... but by reading "smart management" i figured that it would only apply when other devices are trying to use a significant amount of internet bandwidth...

Is this how it works?

and if so, is there a way that I can regardlessly force a specific Access Point to always be limited at a maximum set value?

SQM limits the speed through the interface that it is connected to. If you saw no effect it must have been improperly configured. If only one user is trying to pass data through the SQM point, they get the full configured speed. If there is more than one it tries to divide them equally.

SQM can't know the loading of the network beyond it. Usually SQM is installed at the last interface to the ISP, so the network beyond it is the Internet.

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Oh.... I tried to limit the speed through a specified access point (wlan 1.3 to be specific) rather than limiting an entire interface as a whole.

I was under the impression that such of a configuration would be possible for achieving limited network throttling having rates in accordance to the configured entries containing my preferred speed values.