Secondary OpenWrt router as client bridge with WAN/WWAN load sharing

Hi all,

I have my main router (a Netgear R7800) under OpenWRT and I love it, my secondary router (a Netgear WNR3500L v1) also under OpenWrt is in my garage and it's connected to the main router using a couple of Netgear 500 Powerline adapters, and it maxes a 50 Mpbs (6.2Mib ish)

What I would like to do, is to kind of, connect my secondary router to the main router WLAN in addition to the LAN and combine the two using the multiwan functionnality in order to increase the speed.

Is this even possible ?

You wish to make 2 connections to the same upstream Internet router - one via powerline, one via WiFi.

No, not to combine or add to bandwidth... but you can eliminate powerline completely - and uplink on 5.4 GHz and then serve WiFi in the garage on 2.4 GHz. You (in theory - not counting severe congestion on either band) should get more than the 6.2 Mbps bandwidth you received on powerlines.

The problem is OpenWrt doesn't support wifi N on the WNR3500L (driver issue if I'm correct), only Wifi G, also the WNR3500L doesn't have 5Ghz wifi, so I'm stuck with the powerline as I can't get better speed over G wifi.

This is called load balancing and it is possible with

It is just not possible with your WNR3500L because it is ancient and has only one radio. As usual the best way to improve speeds is to run a wire.