Secondary Local DNS server for Wireguard

If I understand your question correctly, you're asking if you can still use this kind of solution if the other-side router isn't running OpenWrt?

The dnsmasq instances described in my example do not need to run on the same physical machine as the router. You can deploy dnsmasq on a Raspberry Pi (that you're already using) and configure the router to use that for DNS. Even the most bare-bones crap stock router firmware usually have a way to configure DNS. After all, this is how Pi-hole works, and not all Pi-hole users are running OpenWrt.

Or you can forgo the extra machine and have that other router use the main router as the DNS for everything. Meaning that instead of this:

other router -> ISP (or some other) DNS server

You have this:

other router -> main router -> ISP (or some other) DNS server

The downside is increased DNS latency since it has to make that extra hop through the Wireguard tunnel for every request. But if your clients cache DNS responses it might be okay.

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