Second wireless network for iot devices

Problem: create a second wireless network for iot devices o a separate vlan.
router ip address is
standard devices should have addresses 192.168.1.x
iot devices should have addresses 192.168.2.x

steps I made so far:
1 network / switch / add vlan, 3 eth0 tagged, rest of ports left to off
2 network / wireless / radio 1 / add, create new access point, network eth0.3
3 network / interfaces / add new interface, protocol static address physical interface eth0.3
3.1 go to dhcp tab and enable dhcp
4 network / firewall create zone for vlan3
5 network / firewall / traffic rules, allow incoming udp on port 67

can someone help me finish this list ?

Have you configured dhcp server for the new interface?
Have you assigned the new interface to a firewall zone? Does it allow ingress dhcp?

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can you describe these steps using the same notation I used above ?
network / interfaces /

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it helped, but I was looking for a solution using LuCI

the last step I need is to limit access to LuCI ( from vlan

If you don't have wired IoT devices, you do not need to play with VLANs. Just configure a static interface, with no device at all, and bridge there the SSID.

If you have wired IoT devices, then you have to configure the switch property and untag the port facing such devices, or configure them to work on VLAN 3.

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