Second wireless interface for guest wifi

Hi all! I'd need your help.
I upgraded from 19.07 to 21.02 on my Linksys WRT3200.
I didn't keep the seetings as recommended so I had to setup everything from scratch.

I had my "PrivateWIFI" with same SSID in both radios (5GHz and 2.4GHz) and a second SSID, "GuestWIFI" on the 2.4GHz radio.

So I'm looking for an easy:

PrivateWIFI : 5GHz
PrivateWIFI: 2.4GHz
GuestWIFI: 2.4GHz

I configured my Guest firewall zone to forward to wan and my network interface for guest. Both following the guide form OpenWRT.

The problem occurs when I try to enable the new interface I created in Wireless configuration. Once I enable the interface with the second SSID, the radio is fully disabled. If I setup only one SSID for that radio everything works fine.

Could anyone help me?

Do you know how to access and edit your config files?

If so, delete all lines containing "option macaddr" from /etc/config/wireless and see if that does it. I had a problem vary similar and that was the fix.

This oddity relates to WRT3200ACM and 21.02 only it seems.

Edit the file. Log out and Log in. You may need to reboot.

Backup your config file or the text in it.

And as always backup everything via "Generate Archive"

Thank you u251!

It solved the problem....I was getting crazy about it...

Great to know it worked! I can't remember the name of the ever so smart person that came up with that fix but the flaw has been there since RC1. I think it took a month before someone even knew what I was talking about. I use three different Linksys routers and WRT3200ACM is the only one with the problem.

Be Safe

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