Second ssh server in a container / virtual


I currently have an Openwrt 21.02 running on a WRT1900ACS device acting as router for my home network.
Behind it, I have also a small debian server that I can connect to from internet with a simple port forward. It's running dhcp server, dns, tftp, nfs and I also use as a jumping point to connect to other lan machines via ssh tunnel, socks proxy...
I want to get rid of this debian server which is getting 15 year old ( ebox b202 are robusts ! ).
I'll move some services to the openwrt and other to my main server.

Sorry for this long introduction, here is my question:
I'd like to run a second ssh server on openwrt in a container / virtual machine like that will be my ssh jumping point as of today. User that can connect to this server will have limited rights inside this container.
I did a few search but I'm missing the proper keywords, I guess.

How could I do that ?

Thanks for your advices

That mostly depends on your virtualization/ containerization solution, but most should allow tap interfaces, so your VM/ container ends up on your network like any other physical box.

what virtualization/ containerization would be an option to run on openwrt ?

I think LXC is an option.