Second router (LAN-to-LAN) with Wireguard VPN

Hey everyone,

I just installed OpenWRT with luci-app-wireguard package (which installed 3 other packages) on my second router. I'm having trouble configuring OpenWRT as a Wireguard VPN client. I'm learning networking, but still not good with concepts to resolve this on my own. Can you please help?

Here is my setup:
Main non-OpenWRT router (Router1):

  • Connected to ISP internet
  • LAN IP address:
  • Subnet mask:
  • DHCP enabled:

Second OpenWRT router (Router2):

  • Connected to Router1 with Ethernet cable (LAN-to-LAN)
  • Default settings, except:
    • LAN IP address:
    • Subnet mask:
    • Default gateway:
    • LAN interface DNS servers:,
    • Created "wg0" interface:
      • General, Adnvaced, Peer Settings as usual (used my cloud Wireguard VPN server as peer)
      • Firewall Settings: Firewall-zone = wan

My PC:

  • Connected to Router2 using Ethernet cable
  • LAN IP address (static):
  • Subnet mask:
  • Default gateway:
  • DNS server:

Now, I see that there is little traffic coming in and going out in wg0 interface in OpenWRT router and in my Wireguard VPN cloud server, so I believe there is connection between them. But,

  1. how do I use it in my PC? How do I connect through wg0 interface?
  2. how can I implement a kill-switch in OpenWRT setup?

Thanks for looking into it.