Second LAN in a virtual environment

I implemented OpenWRT on a VirtualBox hypervisor (in order to make the same changes on a VMware hypervisor).
OpenWRT is connected to a bridged interface (LAN br-lan) and to an internal network (LAN eth1).
Everything works fine.
I need to add a second LAN and I connected a second internal network, but I am unable to make it work as eth2 or anything else.
What should I do?

Please be a little bit more verbose... What should the 2nd network be? A virtual box network attached to a physical network? Or an virtualbox virtual network so the vbox OpenWrt can communicate with a VM attached to that network?
What have you tried which did not worked?
(Remember that you default you have eth0 on the vbox VM on a host nat network...)

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Many thanks for your message.

Please consider that I am an OpenWRT novice with limited Linux experience.

My OpenWRT VM is configured as follows:

  • br-lan is connected to the internal network (LAN) with a static IP (the network where my VMs are located as I don’t want to connect them directly to my physical LAN)
  • eth1 is connected to the physical interface of my PC (my WAN) get an IP address from the DHCP
  • eth0 is connected to another internal network (LAN2?) and can see it if I use ifconfig but I don’t see it from the web GUI

I want to configure eth0 by assigning an IP address, to allow it communicate to VMs in LAN2 and to route traffic from LAN2 to WAN and maybe between LAN and LAN2.

Is it possible?