Second ethernet port configured as switch on Pi 3B

My apology in advance if I missed a previous thread covering this subject.

Pi3B (not B+), 18.06.04:
My Raspberry Pi3B is acting as a WiFi access point, with the onboard ethernet connected to the primary home router.
Onboard eth0 is set up as "LAN br-lan" with network settings by DHCP from the primary home routers DHCP-server.
The onboard radio works perfectly as a WiFi access point, passing network settings from the home routers DHCP server to the connected tablets etc.

I have attached a USB-to-ethernet dongle (cheap Goobay E38527 from Wentronic GmbH) and it works fine with the kmod-usb-net, and kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 packages installed, (I can connect to the Pi via this port).
I want this extra eth1 port to do the same thing as the WiFi radio: working on the same network as the onboard eth0 and delivering network settings from the home routers DHCP server.
That is, the extra eth1 should act as a switch
I can't figure out if and how this can be done and hope someone can point me to a solution.

If the "switch" function is not possible, and eth1 (and perhaps WiFi) have to be on a different network than eth0, please tell me so

Two [independent] network interfaces on the same subnet would be a problem.

Also, the Pi 3 already runs its Ethernet through USB 2, so it is permanently strangled for performance.

Just add eth1 to br-lan.


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