Searching for temperature resistant hardware

I want to deploy some outdoor embedded hardware. It would be good if the device can operate at temperatures to -20C*.

The device does not need to act as a router and does not need to have good hardware performance but it should contain a

  • WiFi-Card (or PCIe port to put a wifi card into it)

The device should just do some measurements and be connected to a wifi mesh network.

Rambutan, habanero, and mango have Industrial model versions (-I) with temperature range -40°C to +85°C and SPI.

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The normal way we solve this here at the arctic circle is to put the electronics in a heated box (or inside a house) and only have the actual antennas and sensors out in the cold.

With that cold comes all other problems also with power supplies etc.

That heating solution will also be cheaper than buying electronics that IRL actually withstand the cold and still produce the right radio frequencies that are the same as the transceiver inside the heated home.

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given the IoT-like requirements (reading a sensor on SPI), you can also look at LoraWAN-enabled microcontrollers, like for example this
where even the dev board is certified for industrial temps -40/+85.

LoraWAN is very long range and much lower power than a wifi. If all you want to do is read telemetry from a SPI sensor it has enough bandwith.
All these devices will talk to a gateway that is an actual router-like device.

There are also turnkey systems using this type of hardware