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I'd like to identify all supported devices that use the Filogic MT7976 chipset. I didn't see that one could search on this in the toh. I also thought to just browse the image under mediatek/filogic/ but didn't see anything in the filename.

Note - I know the banana pi3 and the Redmi AX6000 use this. Just looking for others, some of which are available on amazon in the US if possible. Ordering my Redmi AX6000 took 3-4 weeks from Aliexpress. Thanks.


maybe this ?


Nice, thanks... doesn't seem as though any of these are in the US nor straightforward to flash.

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You will encounter that more often with newer devices, as regulatory bodies push for tighter lock-down (and it's easier to lock down the whole device, than just the wireless part) - and for the simple reason that device support often happens quicker, than finding an 'easy' way to flash OpenWrt (those who do the initial porting will require serial console access anyways, reducing their motivation to find out easy OEM flashing, after all their device is now flashed, the hard way, but all and done).

Therefore I wouldn't discard good devices too quickly, just because they might need serial console access for flashing. There are several shades of grey here, some devices might require serial flashing, but are relatively easy to open and already have an empty/ populated header on the PCB (e.g. dl-wrx36) - others may require soldering in a header (or fixing intentional defects, like adding small 0-ohm SMD resistors to get continuity to the header, to remove pull-down resistors, etc.).

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