Searching for RT3200 / EA8450

Thank you, not only for this the Belkin 3200 sounds like the go-to device now, but it is not sold in my country (Czechia - and no longer stocks it either, is it too old by now?).

Search for Linksys E8450 (it's the same box, but with a black case instead of white). I get the impression that the Linksys model is more available in markets where you can't find the Belkin version; and contrariwise, the Linksys is hard to locate here in the US and if you can find it, it's listed at 2-4x higher price.

I'm pretty sure both are still in volume production, one of my kids bought a Belkin in Taiwan a couple of months ago and had no problem finding a whole shelf full of them.

Edit: fix model number.

Weirdly enough, that one is also completely unavailable (and also does not seem to have ever been available).

The Linksys model # is E8450, not EA8450 ... such an easy typo to make!

I do find it weird that the price difference between the RT3200 and E8450 is so high here in the USA, but the white RT3200 has a much better significant-other approval factor (in my relationship) than the black E8450 (with its extra lights). :wink:

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This also does not yield anything, just one post on German ebay selling for 200 euros :-(.

Yeah, @frollic found evidence that they're EOL (Belkin RT3200 $49 and $39 (rfrb) at US Walmart - #3 by frollic), so probably going to be hard to find new ones soon.

@oldelmer Oops, thanks for seeing that. I can't seem to keep my brain from sticking an "A" in there...

I'd go for the WRX36 or WAX206 instead, both are very much still sold.

Though given where I came from (energy consumption) they both seem to draw considerabl more energy then RT3200.

Not owning them is even better then ,)

I see nothing about power usage in this thread.

This thread was divided out of another thread. I assume they draw more after googling them slightly; I might be mistaken.

Of course, zero consumption is ideal, but I guess I like to have decent internet connection while minimizing its footprint.

That's fair

The RT3200 is 12v 2A
The WAX206 is 12v 2.5A
The WRX36 is 12v 3A

Based on the sticker on each device.

The 206 uses the same hw as the 3200, except for a 2.5gbe uplink port. Guess that's where the extra 0.5A goes.

At least the RT3200's Linksys E8450 twin remains featured as a "best seller" on the Linksys website. Time to buy RT3200's for $50 while we can in the U.S. I suppose.

That's just the power supply which must support peak power usage.
Actual power usage is closer to 5 watts.

Ref: Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450 WiFi AX discussion - #1226 by Jip-Hop

like I said, those numbers were from the device labels, not the power adapters.