Searching for new device

hello everyone, I'm looking for a modem / router that can support OpenWrt, do you have one in particular to suggest to me? preferably powerful !

Please take a look:


to complete my request, I want to replace the ISP modem / router with a router as complete as the ISP one but with OpenWrt, I have a vdsl2 copper connection with a speed of 70/20

You can also keep your ISP's router strictly as passthrough authentication modem with very little function other than VDSL access and use anything you want sitting behind as your OpenWrt security device.

This approach has the beauty of separating access from routing functions, allowing you to change either devices when ever needed, ie testing/upgrading a/to new router without dependance to a built-in access device.

This way you have a huge selection of choices for the router part, this forum is a treasure trove of selection/support info.

MR8300, RPi4 and R2S are all options without modems are all popular and well supported here...

thank you but it is important to remove this router .. I want to replace it because everything suggests that it handles the wan side very poorly since it generates 906 ms of ping loaded .. the bridge mode will not change anything ..

As mentioned before, I suggest to combine your ISP's router as a modem with an OpenWrt router.

Bridge mode is preferred because it simplifies the firewall configuration, avoiding IPv4 double NAT.
Indeed it may not change anything about the latency.

However, the latency under load can be controlled by SQM on OpenWrt:

Properly configured, it should bring a significant improvement.

I may have expressed myself poorly or maybe my photos are not explicit enough! all my friends to whom I have asked to do a test which shows a loaded ping have values ​​around 60 ms, and this, without qos, without sqm, without any optimization .. I would like to replace my router to be sure that it is not him which causes me this latency of 647 ms and even 993 ms as you can see it .. do the test and tell me if you have respectable Ping charger values ​​which is not the case for me. I suggest or .. take the test and come back and give me your values ​​if you don't mind. you will certainly understand better the reasons that lead me to believe that my router is faulty, like some routers with the puma6 chip!

My other test without qos without sqm

Now my friends , without qos without sqm

If there is anyone who has a solution to this delay, I am willing to hear from you, because of this 900ms delay I can not play any online games. I don't mind watching TV or surfing the web or emailing .. but for any game that requires real time and perfect timing it's disastrous and frustrating, my gaming experience is destroyed. my isp has checked my copper line( VDSL2 17a. ITU G.993.2) DSLAM Broadcom )) from end to end, no noise no interference ..

Yes, it would be a good idea to rule this out. I can suggest a test that requires only a PC/Notebook with wired ethernet, but no new router yet.

Start Linux on the PC (perhaps a live distribution or even OpenWrt) and configure the Cake SQM with a bandwidth limit, as described in the SQM article. Connect the PC to the ISP router with an ethernet cable. Disable WiFi on the router and disconnect all other clients.

Run the latency test again. You can also try the dslreports speedtest.

If this improves the latency under load, you can expect the same with an OpenWrt router.
On the other hand, if latency is still high, the ISP router might indeed be faulty.

Such comparisons do not help much, there are too many variables, such as access medium, line speed, router hardware/firmware, and queue management by the ISP.

FWIW, my latency under load is 51 ms with SQM, and 101 ms without SQM, measured with default settings. I know that people with the same hardware, higher line speed but a different ISP had even higher latency without SQM.

thank you for your patience and your help, i will do this pc test ... be aware that i already have a router without modem but with openwrt, i get with sqm or other script excellent values. but you got it, that's not my initial idea. sqm is bandwidth hungry, shaping an error of 900ms or 110ms does not generate the same load. my online games are unplayable i compare those who can play and those who cannot play equal copper line, each with their ISP router without sqm or script or optimization have values ​​from 17 to 100ms which can play online and those like me with 700 to 900 ms who can't play online .. maybe my packets don't take the same route back and forth .. i don't know .. but i would have wished without sqm or qos to get a ping load and finally be able to play online, add to that sqm cake and it's on fire .. but with or without sqm with or without vpn with a long or short traceroute, in Nat1 nat 2 or Nat 3 with very ultimate script that no matter the improvements, all my games without exception are delayed. ultimately on the one hand I am playing in the past and on the other hand my button input does not register .. we can not find any logic or way out of this latency.