Searching for ADSL2+ router with OpenWrt support

does anybody know any adsl2+ router that is fully working with openwrt

Try this filter.

This search can be condensed to lantiq vr9 based routers. Yes, those are VDSL2/ vectoring routers, but they will do ADSL just fine (provided you get one for the right ADSL annex). I would recommend against ADSL-only devices, as they're considerably older and lower spec - and get barely any testing with modern OpenWrt, while the vr9 routers are common and well tested.

As these are often cheap/ ISP branded devices in origin, you do need to take a second look at their WLAN capabilities and chipsets (I would recommend QCA/ Atheros only, the more prevalent RaLink or lantiq WAVE300 implementations are badly- or not supported at all), as well as the number of 1 GBit/s switch ports (some only come with 100 MBit/s ports). Also check the corresponding device pages on the wiki about the initial flashing process (which isn't always easy).

For Annex A (ADSL/ ADSL2/ ADSL2+) or VDSL, the is pretty much the gold standard in Europe and neighbouring parts of the world (even with the customs fun coming on top for importing into the EU), as they're cheap and plenty - but rather capable. If you're in North America or elsewhere in the world (or need Annex B), you may have to look for locally available -supported- alternatives.

Alternatively there is always the option to get only a ADSL modem, with pretty much any OpenWrt router behind it.


adsl2+ means 20Mbit top so you should have nice all in one device. But just stay with VR9 device as recommended