Searching device for OpenWrt

Can u suggest me what should I buy,
If I want to use it as router, vpn (OpenVPN) and control traffic with the router. If possible I would also like to run adguardhome on it.

I have 2 raspberey pi’s running , Nextcloud and homeassistant, both on different pis.

Please kindly suggest me.

with just a quick look i don't think adguardhome or Nextcloud will run on openwrt
if you want them you may need a pc based Linux OS / Router running Linux maybe

or a router device with openwrt openvpn and an openwrt based ad blocker & wifi
I use an ea8500 but I think the Netgear R7800 looks better depends on what you find & are willing to spend
none of these had a modem if you needed it tho

i have said that i wanted it on my router,
i said that i have 2 pies which runs nextcloud and homeassitant respectively,

but thanks for suggestions
i was hoping to get netgear r6800 or r6850,
can u judge them?

Raspberry Pi 4

I have the Netgear R6220 same CPU MT7621AT and 5G radio MT7612EN
the radio driver for this works well now but it took a while to get there
I have a dlink with same CPU & radio MT7615 as your R68x0's
the m7615 driver is being developed but it's not very good at the moment
this will change over time
I feel the IPQ8064 is much faster then the MT7621
they tend to have 512M ram where as the MT7621 tend to have 128M (256M for the R6800)
but if the price is right go for it even if you change your mind later you will make use of the R68x0
there is a lot of work and ongoing chat about the Xiaomi devices with the same chip-sets
if you wish to read up on it

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