Search a good adapter USB serial <-> TTL

I have several serial adapter CH340 or CP210x with a small problem which is that with these the server boxes are blocked at startup if the adapter is connected
By cons I have a very old PL2303 adapter that works but the latest driver is no longer compatible with Windows
what could you advise me?

Can you rephrase that, or write it out in more words? I'm having a hard time trying to understand what you mean by that sentence.

Newer Prolific drivers refuse to work with fake PL2303 chipsets. The "solution" is to use a driver older than version 3.4 (3.3 works fine): (strange website, but a working solution)

I use a selection of eBay-sourced FTDI adapters and the Adafruit one. I have yet to find a single adapter that works with all my boards.


Problem is by exemple a CP210x ( CNT-0038 ).
When i plug the 3 wires to my wr1200js cannot start
When i plug the power supply. not serial port connected i connect only after the serial port.

for the old PL2303, i know and i use import with regedit for block Windows Update with a bad driver:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


If you later on want to play around with Rockchip devices make sure it supports 1.5Mbaud

CP2014 or CP2012N

Take note of the 5V vs 3.3V

Avoid the CH3** like the plague :slight_smile:

The majority of FTDI FT232R(L) chips will be fakes so you'll be safer to go for another model if you want FTDI. The same goes for Prolific PL2303HX/HXA, go for PL2303TA instead (not sure if there are any known fakes of TA however).

All the chips mentioned above supports 1.5M (and above).


i have ordered this:

after ???

Time will tell but I wouldn't be surprised if its not a genuine Prolific chip.

The PL2303HX is fine with Linux. Prolific's official Windows driver no longer works with any HX chip, including genuine ones.

The legacy model (which there's no reason at all to even buy these days) isn't supported however Type D (aka HXD) is still supported.

That is not with legacy ou fake PL2303 that i have that I found the complete blocking of the starting of the boxes if they are connected before power on

I have a lot of USB adapters based on CH34x or CP210 it does the same with KIMAX, WR1200js or XIAOMI-R3G boxes

With a very old Maxton PL2303 adapter I don't have that ( it has 4 more transistors between the integrated circuit and RX and TX …)

i have alos ordered 2 parts of this with FT232R hoping it works !!!

hope to

they work great on linux and fine on windows once setup ( read before you try on windows! )... just be aware many schematics aren't perfect when it comes to 3.3v being 3.3v so if you have a particularly valuable or sensitive board... i'd advise a some leveling on the tx or vin > LM11173.3v > vcc.

last line might be incorrect. did an import and it doesn't create the entry.

this appears to work, needed a dbl \ between USB and vid

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




reminder: Search a good adapter USB serial <-> TTL

Without problem as i described it to know that with several different adapters when the branch plugs the adapter and that puts the power supply then the starting of the box is blocked. For this to work I do not have to connect the USB adapter before starting the box except with a very old PL2303 adapter which does not pose this problem.

That is a problem for use Breed Bootloader which doesn't last very long