Seaching for 60 GHz cable / Company Logo

I'm searching for a 60 GHz cable that connects the chip with the antenna. Or for the company that is producing that cable. Or the name? (X.FL, JSC Type)?

It is used in

  • Wireless Wire (wap60g)
  • QCA9008

There is a logo on it:

The connector looks like this:

I think it has a size of approxmately 1.25mm.

Promissing Links:

Any idea?


Murata HSC
Amphenol AMC4

I'm not sure, I think they are to big. The connector is very very small, but it could be. :slight_smile: Thanks.

But now I know, it is definitely a Murata Cable! You can see if you look for Murata HSC in the product sheet that is has the same "M" Logo.

Also they looks like normal wifi cable... Nothing special ahahha (I mean they are cable not antenna so i think there is nothing special in it)

Murata only rates that connector to 6 GHz, but apparently it does something at 60.

At 60 GHz the signal loss in cable is going to be huge. It is not practical to connect more than a few inches of coax to the radio there will be a severe performance penalty.

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They are much smaller.

This is how it is done in the wireless wire:

But maybe the signal is mixed down(? not sure if this is the correct word) directly after receiving the signal. Look at this (this is the antenna):