SDK: compiling luci applications, how is the _git-* suffix derived

I'm compiling some luci apps for my own repo and I'm bumping PKG_RELEASE in the Makefile, to make sure newer packages can be properly upgraded, however during the make process the _git-* suffix is added and it actually determines the package version.

I've compiled different luci apps with the same ./package/luci directory checked out from master and resulting luci apps seem to have different _git-* suffixes as evident here:

How can I force the _git suffix to be in sync with the main OpenWrt repos and be the same for all of my luci apps?

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You can't. The goal is to have each app to reflect it's last code commit in git.

But the current approach gets impact from the git clone date and style. A shallow clone causes a different version than a ful clone.

That is not tied to Sdk, but likely applies there, too.

See my observations in discussion here.

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