SD card formats (ntfs, exFAT, HFSPLUS) support

I am a beginner in openwrt, I want to mount sdcard on my openwrt, the currently available formats are ext2, ext3, ext4. I want to add NTFS, exFAT, HFSPLUS three formats, so that I can use more sdcards Format.

I have used opkg udate and opkg install kmod-fs-ntfs
The following message appears
Unknown package'kmod-fs-ntfs'.
Collected errors:

  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package kmod-fs-ntfs.

This makes me unable to install these sets to use. Is there any other way to install it?
Or there are hand by hand instructions to help me complete the installation.


should pull the required dependencies in the process.

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Looks like 21.02 and Snapshot support exFAT. See:

exFAT is usually recommended over NTFS for SD cards. Compatibility is a bit better and it uses fewer resources.

NTFS provides better data recovery in the rare case of unexpected shutdowns or failures to dismount before card removal causing problems, but the cost is journaling. If using more resources and wear rate on your SD card doesn't bother you, go for it. SD cards are cheap enough to simply replace. It's just something to consider is all.

You need to use the NTFS-3G driver. Although popular belief is that NTFS doesn't work well in Linux it works great, just with higher CPU utilization. My NTFS USB 3.0 drive would read-write at 100-120 MB/s all day long (nearly saturating gigabit lan) on my WRT32X. My new SSD came with exFAT so I use that now.

Automount never seems to work with NTFS-3G on OpenWrt though, I always had to add the mount to /etc/rc.local as described here:

For the rest of those Filesystems like exFAT read here (coincidentically I just re-wrote that page):

afaik HFS and Apple filesystems in general don't have good driver support in OpenWrt/Linux.

MacOS does have exFAT drivers by default so you can use that if you need to read the SD card from MacOS too.

As others said most recent OpenWrt version has a working and good exFAT driver