Script with If statement

Do anyone know if I can in a Script for OpenWRT write statement code like in C language?

If (something==1)
{Do this}
Else if (something==2)
{do this instead}

best way is using bash

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Keep in mind OpenWRT doesn't use bash, but ash. It doesn't support many of the fancy features bash offers. I got bit by the fact that I wrote and tested my script on a system with bash, and then realized ash doesn't support arrays at all (or at least it didn't when I tried it out).

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root@OpenWrt:~# cat /tmp/script.scr


if [ "$something" == 1 ]; then

        echo "It's equal to 1"

elif [ "$something" == 2 ]; then

        echo "It's equal to 2"

        echo "No match"


root@OpenWrt:~# /tmp/script.scr 1
It's equal to 1
root@OpenWrt:~# /tmp/script.scr 2
It's equal to 2
root@OpenWrt:~# /tmp/script.scr 3
No match


That's easy to remediate: use #!/bin/sh at the start of your script and it should be run by a POSIX compatible shell (Debian defaults to dash e.g.). That alone should filter out a lot of the bashims that bite you when it comes to portability.


I had in mind to have different config settings for different devices in my config script.

But activate the version I want with something like
In the beginning and have the unique settings in blocks.

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Ok a stupid question but what is the formal function of $ in Linux?

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bash and python work fine for me...

The ‘$’ character introduces parameter expansion, command substitution, or arithmetic expansion.

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