Script to list installed packages? (for simplifying sysupgrade)

I have updated my procedure above with your info. But you now have me curious about making backups.

  • What's your preferred way to generate that backup?
  • Where do you store it - in the router's file system or on you laptop?
  • What commands do you use to create and restore the backup?


I just use LuCI to Generate Archive and store the backup file on my desktop pc.

After I've upgraded and reinstalled LuCI and all my packages I upload the backup via LuCI. However, I usually just reconfigure all my settings manually. My setup isn't extremely complex.

Ah... yes of course. (I updated my procedure above to include that advice as well.) I was hopeful that you had some other trick for saving configs.

A while back, I had done some work on using the uci show command to dump certain configs, with the intent of re-playing them in the command line to re-configure. For example, see my script that I used to repeatably re-flash a router when the firmware was in heavy development.

uci show is a good way to build that script, but it doesn't make for a "plug and chug" procedure that novices can use. Thanks.

I recently performed a reset on my Archer c2600 router running 18.06.2 (squashfs image) to its initial state.

Prior to this I decided to use the script to save the list of all currently installed packages & then reuse the script to reinstall all the missing packages post reset.

A big thank you @richb-hanover for making me aware of this script, it has worked as intended when used in this particular manner! :wink:

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However, in the intervening two years, the Attended Sysupgrade package now offers an automatic way to build a new image that contains all the user-installed packages with no manual intervention. Check it out.