Script for enable/disable sqm through ssh (using cmd)

I'm new to OpenWrt, i would like to automatically activate sqm when i open a game and then automatically deactivate it when I close the game, because to get rid of bufferbloat i need to reduce my download speed to 15Mbps and upload to 3Mbps which is very slow.
I know how to program a batch file for doing that but i don't know which commands to input in ssh mode to enable and disable sqm, can anyone help me?
thank you in advance :slight_smile:

service sqm start and service sqm stop


I compiled a batch file like this:

putty.exe -ssh root@xxxxxxx -pw xxxxxx -m "C:\path\to\command.txt"

where "commands.txt" contains service sqm start

if i write it manually in cmd it works, but if i run the batch file (as admin) putty opens up and then closes right away not doing anything, does anyone know why or how to fix it?


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