Script Access Wireless Clients

Hi there!
I bought an Archer c60. I'm using the stock firmware, that is based on Openwrt.
Anyone has a script (python, php, cURL, perl...) that login and get informations like wireless clients connected at the moment?

ssh root@openwrt ubus call hostapd.wlan0 get_clients

"Based on OpenWrt" can be most anything in terms of how "close to the tree" the OEM remained, as well as how ancient a version they are using. If you're looking to extend and configure your router using OpenWrt, your first step would be to establish what version of OpenWrt you're running and if it still supports the "normal" methods for configuration and interaction. If so, then suggestions like the one @vgaetera posted as I'm writing this will work. If far from current OpenWrt, upgrading to a current OpenWrt release (18.06.1 or later) would be helpful.

The problem is the stock version I don't have ssh access. What I'm looking for is a script that connect with my user/pass via webpage and gets the data (json responde). I've tried many times...
About changing firmware, the problem is what I read about is: for my router Archer C60 v2 isn't stable.

It is very unwise to have your root password accessible to scripts, even in encrypted form, which would be required for a screen-scraping approach.

If you can't/won't upgrade to the current OpenWrt release, then reaching out to the OEM support channels may reveal a more secure way.


A quick search"archer%20c60" didn't seem to immediately suggest that there were significant issues with the OpenWrt-generated firmware for the Archer C60. didn't show any issues either. What are your concerns with the OpenWrt firmware?