Schedule reduce/increase TX Power


I am looking for a way to schedule TX Power.
As one of my routers, TP-Link WR1043ND/V1, is in my bedroom,
I thought it be a good idea to reduce TX power during the nights,
first I won't need much TX power as my phone will be near the router,
but during daytime I will need the TX Power (up to 100mWatts) otherwise I won't be able to have Wifi all over.

I had searched on the forum, but wasn't able to find anyone asking the same question.

My guess is I will need to create 2 config files which determine the TX power settings.
But I'm not sure how to nor if this will work.

Can anyone help me out, please?

Thank you!

You can set wireless.radio0.txpower with UCI, restart wireless, and rotate that with a cronjob (reset it to defaults in the morning).

No need to use multiple config files, you'll need to restart wireless either way so might just as well modify your existing settings.

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Hi Borromini,

I'm unfortunately not very experienced with UCI.
How to do set the TXpower?
In the schedule "UCI Wireless.radio0.txpower 20" ?

Thanks for the help!!

00 00 * * * uci set wireless.radio0.txpower=20; uci commit wireless; wifi reload
00 08 * * * uci -q delete wireless.radio0.txpower; uci commit wireless; wifi reload
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Thank you very much!

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