Scanning for channel 110 (5550 Mhz)

Device: Ubnt LiteBeam AC

I'm unable to scan for this channel 110 (5550 Mhz), the device can find channels like 108 (5540 Mhz).
Tried changing the country (Word, US, etc) and it didn't work.

The width of the channel is 20MHz so the stepping is as such. However you don't need to set the frequency when you scan as client.

One convention is to refer to a 40 MHz signal centered on 5550 MHz as "channel 110". This signal covers the bandwidth of base 20 MHz channels 108 and 112.

OpenWrt configuration doesn't use the intermediate channel numbers though. Selecting 40 MHz and either channel in the range will have the same results and interoperate with another system set for channel 110.

The same applies to 80 MHz signals that span four channels.

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