Scalys Grapeboard - Please help installing

Hello OpenWrt heroes,

I'm trying to install OpenWrt on a Scalys Grapeboard, but there's too much I don't understand. So I'd like to ask for someone to give me some clues. I work on a linux system (Ubuntu 20.04).

The Grapeboard is a Single Board Computer with a NXP Layerscape LS1012A processor. I've asked Scalys whether it is possible to install OpenWrt on the device. They said yes. But their documentation doesn't provide specific instructions.

Question 1: When selecting a configuration with 'make menuconfig', which LS1012A board option would be the best match for my board? I can choose from FRDM-LS1012A, LS1012A-RDB and FRWY-LS1012A.

I've found one detailed instruction on how to install OpenWrt on Layerscape ARMv8 platforms. Assuming I manage to build viable images for the Grapeboard, how then can I install those on the device? This guide, after the build, jumps to instructions such as:

Deploy RCW:
=>i2c mw 0x24 0x7 0xfc; i2c mw 0x24 0x3 0xf5
=>tftp 0x80000000 PBL_0x35_0x08_800_250_1000_default.bin
=>sf probe 0:0
=>sf erase 0x0 40000
=>sf write 0x80000000 0x0 $filesize

The i2c, tftp and sf commands don't make any sense to me. I can write an SD card and USB stick and I've managed to establish a serial connection over microUSB with picocom. The help output during the serial connection did not show the availability of commands like i2c, tftp and sf. I don't think I have any other means to physically interact with the device.

Question 2: Should I use the above commands? If yes, how/where do I enter them? And if no, than what should I do?

I've read the Grapeboard BSP User guide many times over and it feels as if there is just enough information for anyone that knows what he's doing, but by far too little for a noob like myself.

As I've said above, I'm running linux, also I've a couple of Raspberry Pi's running in my house that I've played plenty with. So I thought this project wouldn't be anymore complicated. But it turns out I know next to nothing. Yet the Grapeboard seems like a fine piece of hardware and it wasn't cheap. So I'd really like to get OpenWrt working on it.

Would any of you awnser my questions and point me in the right direction?
Thanks! <3

Hello? Anyone willing to help out?


and "printenv" in code tags ( ^ </> )

p.s. the "code" / os support on the site really sux... ask the vendor for more help or consider returning it IMHO. ( p.p.s end page 7 and page 8 )