SBC card for router/switch

hi, actualy i have tplink wa901nd v3, and no space ....

i think to change the switch for diy router whit sbc card.

my choise is apu by pcengine or banana R64

do you have other goods model under 120$ ?

apu is good because evolutive board ( for wifi 6 exemple ) but, the CPU is old no ?

thank you and sorry if my english is bad, i'm french

Please tell us about your requirements.

  • type (xDSL/cable/fibre) and speed of your internet connection
  • WLAN: separate access point or built into the router
  • perhaps list your wired and wireless client devices, or give us an idea about their number, speed etc.

for the internet speed, fiber 1gigabit/s capable

for the vlan, 2 Access points is good for me,
I don't know yet for the use, maybe a point with vpn, or special home automation, I don't know yet, but currently, I connect to a wifi hotspot, and I redistribute with a new ssid on my internal network

for exemple :

if SBC is hard, maybe use this : WRT3200ACM whit wifi mesh ?

You might as well get another mvebu board without wireless (like the APUs are x86_64, without wireless), Marvell WiFi is dead in the water at the moment and no improvements in sight. Frankly, none of the AC WRT series are interesting anymore if you need wireless.

sorry, my english is light ^^ and google bad translation.

you think AC WRT is good for me ?

if no, do you have other model ?

actually my WA901ND v3 is good for my use, but for the futur .... And the big problem for me is no space ... 72kb free -_-

this model is support by openWRT ?

possible extend space on the usb ?

or no consider and buy WRT AC ?

thank you

Wifi mesh does not work, and will probably never work, on that router.

This will be challenging with the given budget.

Most advice given in this forum goes like this:

  • a router with a fast CPU, two or more ethernet ports, but without WLAN (or left unused)
  • a managed/smart switch with VLAN support
  • WLAN access points installed in locations where they give good coverage, connected to the switch with ethernet cables

Does it look agreeable to you?

I do not have a Gb/s internet connection, so please consider this second-hand advice.
The following threads might also be interesting for you:

About your planned network:

You are not sure about your future network, but include a detailed diagram.
Does this diagram show someone else's network?

You are not sure about your future network, but include a detailed diagram.
Does this diagram show someone else's network?

no, is my exemple diagram, i think after, on my futur home, install one or two camera and NAS ( synologie i think )

after, the wifi mesh is possible whit "orbi" for exemple

I do not really know my needs, but I try to see to be quiet for a few years.

on my current TPlink, I am fine, but it is a 300mbps, and it is sorely lacking in space, I would like to have fine management of connections as well as adblock support and several other functions offered by OPENWRT ...

it's not easy, and currently, I don't have a supplier, but I go through a hotspot with a speed of 6mbps ^^

but eventually, when I take a supplier, and the fiber will be in my village, it will be necessary that the switch follow the connection.

With those prospects it doesn't make sense to overbudget your router with 1 GBit/s capability in mind at all - availability and price delta are simply prohibitive. Yes, do engineer your local network with sufficient headroom, maybe even look at wireless 'mesh' systems (do prefer wired backhauls, if at all possible) if that floats your boat, but for the routing tasks a sub ~50 EUR dual-band router will do a good job, until you actually get >>200 MBit/s WAN speeds at your location.

I revise my ambitions downwards, so I am looking for a max router 100 € with good wifi performance, for me, good performance is good wifi in 2.4ghz to make an AP relay as well as 5ghz with mini 800mbps
3 rj45 + flash port to install apps (adblock or privoxy + other things)

I don't care about IPv6, even if it goes hand in hand, this one will be deactivated

reliable and easily flashable under openwrt

I'm tired of looking for a router

Personally I think that the RockPro64 board has a lot more potential than the aging APU boards however OpenWrt's SBC support is quite poor so you need to look elsewhere if you want to use RK3399 or a similar board. This would however most likely require you to get another box for handling wifi unless you're willing to use USB adapters which may or may not be a great idea.